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Ep3. The Rise of the Neo-Populists

Over the past few decades leaders like Trump, Orban, and Bolsonaro have ridden a wave of popular outrage to rise to power. But what came first: the Neo-Populists or the era of Global Enduring Disorder? 
In this episode we chart the rise of the Neo-Populists, their impact on global order, and what we can do to stop them. Sean Wilentz explains the difference between real populism (like Bernie Sanders) and ‘faux’ or neo-populists (like Trump), while Anne Applebaum takes us through the missed opportunities and co-ordination failures of the post-Cold War years. 
Twitter: @DisorderShow 
Website: https://natoandtheglobalenduringdisorder.com/neo-populism 
Producer: George McDonagh 
Exec Producer: Neil Fearn 
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