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Ep5. Migration, climate, and our era of disorder

Migration has become one of the most emotive political topics. Fears surrounding the topic are essential to the rise of Neo-Populism. All the while, migration is increasing; over the past decade over 50 million more people have been moving internationally than in previous decades. So how does migration work (or not work) in our era of global disorder? What problems does it solve and what problems does it create? Can disordered migration be curbed and the benefits of ‘orderly’ migration achieved in a more regulated manner? Or do we have a humanitarian imperative to preserve even disorderly migration? 
In this episode, Parag Khanna discusses how creating a transparent and fair global market for migrants could help optimize the economics behind migration. Lawrence Huang analyses how the current global management of migration operates and why the way Neo-Populists constant diatribes about ‘uncontrolled migration’ are harming any real attempts to order the space. In the ‘Ordering the Disorder’ segment, Alex and Jason debate what international coordination mechanisms are needed to deal with mass migration and whether coherent collective action could ever emerge to forge implementable solutions. 
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Producer: George McDonagh 
Exec Producer: Neil Fearn 
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