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Dividend Talk

EP #163 | Why Dividend Growth Investing is Better than working a 14-hour day | & Our thoughts on Apple's share price drop

Dividend Talk
Dividend Talk

Welcome to Episode 163 of Dividend Talk, where we dive deep into the world of dividend growth investing and explore the benefits of this strategy compared to the grind of a 14-hour workday.

In our news segment, we cover the latest updates on prominent companies like Walgreens Boots Alliance, Philips, and Apple, shedding light on significant developments that may impact the market.

Then, we turn our attention to the world of dividends, discussing exciting increases from companies like VICI Properties Inc. ($VICI), Verizon Communications Inc. ($VZ), and KLA Corporation. We also delve into T-Mobile US's initiation of dividends and their ambitious plans for dividend growth.

Our main topic for this episode delves into the life of our co-host Derek, an engineer for a high-volume manufacturing plant. We explore the pressures of the job, work-life balance challenges, and the pursuit of financial freedom. We contemplate the value of hard work and how dividend investing fits into the picture, offering a way to grow wealth without constant portfolio management.

As we navigate through these topics, we also answer questions from our audience, touching on various aspects of dividend growth investing and discussing specific stocks like LVMH ($LMVH), ASML, and more.

Summary with Tickers:

  • $WBA (Walgreens Boots Alliance)
  • $PHIA (Philips)
  • $AAPL (Apple)
  • $VICI (VICI Properties Inc.)
  • $VZ (Verizon Communications Inc.)
  • $TMUS (T-Mobile US)
  • $KLA (KLA Corporation)
  • $LMVH (LVMH)
  • $BATS (British American Tobacco)
  • $ASML (ASML)
  • $PHNX (Phoenix Group Holdings)

Join us in this episode to gain insights into dividend growth investing and discover how it can change your financial journey.

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Dividend Talk
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