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Dividend Talk

EP #172 | All we know about bonds and whether we should own them | & Germany's financial reforms, Siemens earnings

Dividend Talk
Dividend Talk

Welcome to Episode 172 of DividendTalk, where we delve into the intriguing world of bonds and ask the burning question: should we own some?

We kick off with the latest financial news, including Germany's reforms to boost its tech industry and Alibaba's historic introduction of dividends. Siemens, a powerhouse in the corporate landscape, reports record-breaking earnings, paving the way for a discussion on the pros and cons of owning bonds.

At the heart of the episode, we break down the fundamentals of bonds—what they are, the different types (including government, municipal, and corporate bonds), and their inherent risks and rewards. Derek and eDGI explore the stability and predictable income bonds offer, contrasting it with the risks, including the dreaded duration risk and the potential lack of income growth compared to dividend hikes.

The main question lingers: Should we own bonds? We share our perspectives, with Derek emphasizing his current focus on growth and eDGI considering bonds as part of a savings plan for future investment. Asset allocation strategies, such as the classic 60/40 portfolio and age-based allocations, are dissected to provide listeners with practical insights.

Wondering where to buy bonds? We've got you covered, discussing options like brokers, ETFs, and even buying directly from the U.S. government. Armed with this knowledge, the hosts reflect on whether owning bonds aligns with their investment strategies at this stage.

But that's not all! The episode is rounded off with engaging listener questions covering topics like stock screening, sector preferences, and intriguing hypothetical scenarios. Tune in to hear the hosts' takes on various tickers, from Roche's dip to eDGI's frustration with Bayer

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting your financial journey, this episode of DividendTalk offers valuable insights and answers to your burning questions. Join us for a deep dive into the world of bonds and financial strategies that could shape your investment decisions.

Stock Screener article:https://www.europeandgi.com/how-to/dividend-stock-screener/

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