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Do We Know Them?

81 - Jeff Wittek EXPOSES David Dobrik & Natalie Noel + 8 Passengers New Updates

Do We Know Them?
Do We Know Them?

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00:00 Introduction

2:50 Lily's Exciting News

10:02 Jeff Wittek Exposes David & Natalie

25:41 Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater UPDATE

31:02 8 Passengers Update

In today's episode, Lily and Jessi discuss how Jeff Wittek recently decided to come forward and expose some of the gross behavior he experienced from David Dobrik and Natalie when coming out with his documentary. Then Lily shares some news that has her excited before revealing an update about Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater and then going over some of the latest updates in the 8 Passengers saga including an interview with Kevin Franke's lawyers as well as some damning new info regarding Connexions.

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Do We Know Them?
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