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Do We Know Them?

87 - Jeffree Star & Rich Lux "Helping" Eugenia Cooney?! + Tiktok Rabbit Hole

Do We Know Them?
Do We Know Them?


In today's episode, we deep dive into Rich Lux and Jeffree Star's recent online interactions with YouTuber Eugenia Cooney, go down an...interesting...rabbit hole Jessi found on Tiktok, and satisfy Lily by showing some Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift clips.

We hope you enjoyed this episode! Please let us know on Twitter or Instagram if you have any topic suggestions for next Sunday! (@lily_marston & @jessismiles__)

0:00 Intro

2:25 Jessi's Tiktok Rabbit Hole

17:52 Eugenia Cooney Backstory

39:54 Rich Lux Exploits Eugenia Cooney

45:38 Jeffree Star Is "Helping" Eugenia?!

1:06:26 Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift

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Do We Know Them?
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