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Do You F*cking Mind?

262. How to rewrite your reputation

Do You F*cking Mind?
Do You F*cking Mind?

Let's talk reputation my beans: what it is, how you get one and MOST importantly how you can change your reputation if you've got a baaad one.

Brain Fact: The Ceiling Effect in pharmacology .

Listener Question:
Me and an ex bestie had a falling out a few years ago but I still have to interact with them in group settings. It’s hard but I do it cause I don’t wanna miss out on group things with mates. It’s awkward but I get on with it. I’m getting married soon and feel like it’ll be awkward and dramatic if I don’t invite them because I’m literally inviting our whole friendship group EXCEPT them. On the other hand, this person has done nothing but been a bad friend and not a good person so I really don’t want her making things awkward on my wedding day. What do I do?



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Do You F*cking Mind?
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