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Do You F*cking Mind?

265. How to make the rest of the year the BEST of the year

Do You F*cking Mind?
Do You F*cking Mind?

How do you make the best of the rest of the year? Today’s episode is all about how to feel like you have milked the last few weeks of out of life. There is so much that you can do in this final month of to really make the most of it.

Brain Fact: The story of the woman who had a worm in her brain! The 4 ways you can get a parasite living inside you (skip ahead to around 11 minutes if you’re squeamish)

Listener Question: I’ve come home from travelling and feel like I hate the life I’ve returned to. Please help!



Host: Alexis Fernandez
Executive Producer & Editor: Elise Cooper
Digital Producer: Zoe Panaretos
DYFM Social Producer: Shania Magua
Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh

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Do You F*cking Mind?
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