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Dr Golly and the Experts

Diagnosed with a rare blood cancer at 7, with Samantha Sanfilippo

Dr Golly and the Experts
Dr Golly and the Experts

The word “cancer” strikes fear into the hearts of most... but imagine hearing it applied to your child. A week before his 7th birthday Samantha Sanfilippo’s son, Noah, was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

Today, Samantha shares her story of coming to terms with the life changing diagnosis and how she faced up to the many challenges of supporting a seriously unwell child.


Samantha's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/samanthasanfilippo4/
Leukaemia Foundation - https://www.leukaemia.org.au/get-involved/blood-cancer-month/
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Dr Golly and the Experts
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