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Secrets: Drama On Newstalk

Drama on Newstalk
Drama on Newstalk
This weekend, Drama on Newstalk will broadcast the premiere of new radio drama “Secrets” in which IMRO-nominated producer Brian Gallagher travels back in time to a seaside holiday in Sixties Ireland, during which two women face an intriguing moral dilemma.
“Secrets” tells the story of the extended Lawlor family who take a seaside holiday in Bray, County Wicklow, in 1964.  Unaware that such holidays will be soon made redundant by package holidays to sun destinations, they go about their usual two-week break. Despite the surface good humour, tensions are evident in the family dynamic, and when the Lawlors cross paths with a holidaying Scottish family the seeds are sown for a dramatic outcome.
The 1964 scenes are viewed through the eyes of twelve-year-old Damian Lawlor, while simultaneously the now-adult Damian looks back on the action.  Reappraising the moral choices of that summer, over fifty years later, giving Damian another dilemma now as he has to decide whether or not to leave the past undisturbed.
Starring Aonghus Og McAnally, Mark O’Regan, Mary Murray, Marion O’Dwyer, and Claudia Carroll, “Secrets” was written and produced by Brian Gallagher.   The programme was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television License Fee.
BROADCAST TIMES: “Secrets” will be broadcast on Newstalk 106-108fm on Sunday 26th January at 7am with repeat broadcast on Saturday 1st February at 9pm
LISTEN LIVE ONLINE: “Secrets” can also be listened to online at: www.newstalk.ie
PODCAST: Podcast available at: www.newstalk.ie/documentaryonnewstalk after the broadcast.
Drama on Newstalk
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