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by Ten Seven Ten
Earbuds And Earworms

Ben Folds Five Pairs of Cuffed Up Jeans


Mitchell and Amy get themselves together and record an episode after some time spent with too much work. From cuffed jeans to how amazing sundresses are, this episode covers it all. Shockingly, there are no songs about comfy socks here, but surely there are songs about them. Also, Mitchell and Amy had no idea how tall the other one was, so there is a hefty bit of conversation astonished about each other’s height.
The Music:The Cardboard Swords - FlannelBrian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot BikiniT Pain - Apple Bottom JeansBen Folds Five - Song for the DumpedClaud - Cuff your JeansNOFX - Jeff Wears BirkenstocksThe Promise Ring - Red and Blue JeansPortugal. The Man - Creep in a T-ShirtTiny Moving Parts - SundressThe Equals - Michael and the Slipper TreeNelly ft Kyjuan, Ali, Murphy Lee - Air Force OnesSummer Villains - Hoodie Weather


Episode 226

by Ten Seven Ten