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Can Your Friendship Survive Your Baby?

eat sleep sh*t repeat
eat sleep sh*t repeat

There's a reason hit TV shows like Sex & The City, Friends and Seinfeld are so popular - they're all centered around the importance of friendship and how intrical they are to our livelihood.

After Kel opened up about her own friendship breakdown earlier in the season, we were inundated with other Sh*tters sharing their own stories of friendship heartache. So in todays ep, we're unpacking this subject a little further and workshopping ways we can potentially avoid these 'breakups'.

Then later in the ep, we have Sh*tter Anna joining us. Having no kids of her own yet, Anna offers up a unique perspective on how friendships can change when you're the 'single childless one' in a sea of people breeding & getting hitched. She also provides some exceptional advice on how to make sure those around you are feeling valued & heard.


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Claudia Coy ⁠https://www.instagram.com/claudia_coy/

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