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eat sleep sh*t repeat

Fkn Milestones

eat sleep sh*t repeat
eat sleep sh*t repeat

Milestones can cause pure panic for parents, especially first-timers. Designed as a guide to track whether a child's development is on track, the truth of it is they leave us feeling smug if the kid is miles ahead and like we’re failing if they’re nowhere near.

In this ep, we breakdown the milestones that freaked us out the most & how we dealt with the pressure of 'the timeline'.

Then later in the ep, we have a lovely Sh*tter, Beth joining us for a chat. Beth is a mother of 3 young boys (with another on the way!) who have each developed in very different ways, and on very different timelines. Beth discusses the approach she took for each kid and how she avoided the comparison game.


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eat sleep sh*t repeat
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