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eat sleep sh*t repeat

Friendship Heartbreaks

eat sleep sh*t repeat
eat sleep sh*t repeat

Friendships can move and change so much in that first year of motherhood, and sometimes the friends you had pre-baby quickly fall to the wayside.

Today we're chatting about the importance of having a good crew around you, how to prioritise your friendships while juggling newborns and how to know if a mothers group is right for you. Then later in the ep, Kel opens up about a recent friendship heartbreak she experienced and the toll it took on her both physically and emotionally.


Kelly McCarren www.instagram.com/kelly_mccarren/

Kee Reece www.instagram.com/keereece/


Claudia Coy https://www.instagram.com/claudia_coy/

eat sleep sh*t repeat
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