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eat sleep sh*t repeat

The Sleep

eat sleep sh*t repeat
eat sleep sh*t repeat

Sleeping in 30 minute increments for months at a time sounds like fresh hell, but actually, it’s just what having a newborn looks like for a lot of parents.

In this week's episode, Kel and Kee share their own experiences with sleep and babies, plus tactics that worked and didn’t work.

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Snoo: https://rb.gy/1j4pr

Portable Pram Rocker: https://rb.gy/wj4q9

Portable Shusher: https://rb.gy/wyysb

Ergo Carrier: https://rb.gy/y29rr

Baby Nest: https://rb.gy/g9sjp

Limitless Carrier: https://rb.gy/u8nkf

Glow Dreamer: https://rb.gy/eac2a



I was helped by Dr Golly and Tash with burping methods, reflux techniques, strength etc: https://wholechildco.com.au/services-1 https://drgolly.com/

I used Chantal for sleep training: https://www.chantalcohen.com.au/

Medicare covered assistance: https://karitane.com.au/ https://www.tresillian.org.au/


Sleep guide: https://www.littleones.co/


Hosts & Producers:

Kelly McCarren www.instagram.com/kelly_mccarren/

Kee Reece www.instagram.com/keereece/

Audio Production:

Harry Hughes www.hobohutmedia.com
Pariya Taherzadeh www.pariya.com.au

eat sleep sh*t repeat
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