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When Resentment Takes Over

eat sleep sh*t repeat
eat sleep sh*t repeat

When we asked our Sh*tters what they wanted us to talk about on the pod, 'resentment' was one of the most highly requested topics. As it turns out, MANY of us can’t stand the person we had a child with and around 1 in 5 couples call it quits within the first 12 months of becoming parents.

So today we're putting it all on the table - we chat through key moments that leave us feeling resentful and how we (try to) tackle resentment in a healthy way.

Then later on, we chat to Sh*tter, Lauren who left her partner not long after bringing their baby boy home. Lauren talks us through what happened and when she knew it was time to leave.


Kelly McCarren: ⁠www.instagram.com/kelly_mccarren/⁠

Kee Reece: ⁠www.instagram.com/keereece/⁠


Claudia Coy: ⁠https://www.instagram.com/claudia_coy/⁠

eat sleep sh*t repeat
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