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by Murphy Randle
Elm Town

Elm Town 15 - Spotlight on Hardy Jones


First thing, I apologize profusely for the embarrassingly terrible recording from my side. I'm taking steps to avoid that happening again in the future. Second, the coupon code for Daily Drip is now "elmtown-2017", and still gets you $9 off, but doesn't give you a free month, since they no longer have the $9 plan available. That's all! Here's the show: # Elm Town 15 - Spotlight on Hardy Jones Recording date: 2017-06-06 Guests: Murphy Randle, Hardy Jones - (0:04:01) [Fantasyland](https://github.com/fantasyland/fantasy-land) - (0:08:12) [Magic Read Along](http://www.magicreadalong.com) - (0:13:24) [Internet History Podcast](http://www.internethistorypodcast.com/) - (0:42:17) [Ramda](http://ramdajs.com/) - (0:42:30) [Sanctuary](https://github.com/sanctuary-js/sanctuary) - (0:42:36) [Fantasyland](https://github.com/fantasyland/fantasy-land) - (0:44:33) [Forward.js](https://forwardjs.com/) - (1:01:35) Hardy: [Magic Read Along - Like a Parent at a Beauty Pageant](http://www.magicreadalong.com/episode/53) - (1:03:09) Murphy : [Elm Conf US](https://www.elm-conf.us/)



by Murphy Randle