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End of All Hope

S5E2: Reality

End of All Hope
End of All Hope
Mia and company chat with survivors at a military base, trying to see if it would be a viable solution to the ever-encroaching alien plant-life problem. Meanwhile Jay, Ambridge, and Kylie continue their trek to Ramona, but hear some new terrifying noises in the woods.


"Alone" by Dan Howell @ artlist.io

"Ion Fields" by Musical Mandalas @ artlist.io

"Pull" by Oak and Cherry @ artlist.io

"Corals Under the Sun Instrumental Version" by Sivan Talmor @ artlist.io

"The Racer Piano Version" by Tristan Barton @ artlist.io

"Long Ride" by Dan Howell @ artlist.io

"Growth" by Kyle Preston @ artlist.io
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End of All Hope
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