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by Frank and Jackie Ritz
Essential Oil Healthcare Radio

021: Supporting Healthy Cholesterol Levels


Hey everyone! This podcast is loaded with great information and a personal testimony by Frank about supporting healthy cholesterol levels.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast episode does not contain anything more than information about health. The recommendations are informational - discuss any new health plans with your healthcare provider before starting anything.

What you think you know about cholesterol may be incorrect. It is essential for life. But, are you consuming and creating the healthy versions necessary to optimize your health? Well, join Frank and Jackie as they discuss this very topic!

On today's podcast we talk about:

  • What exactly is cholesterol and how is it made?
  • Nutrition and food items that can help
  • Importance of probiotics and some great supplements to help with heart health
  • Essential Oils that can support healthy cholesterol levels

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by Frank and Jackie Ritz