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Alon Amir Part II

Eurovision Legends
Eurovision Legends

We continue to listen to the fascinating adventures of Alon Amir in the world of Eurovision, starting in a bed together with Anne-Marie David.

Our first stop is Moscow in 2009 with two political artists and a political song which he pressured the jury to get selected. He hated the city but the vodka consumption increased by each day, and with this the pranks within the delegation.

Then we have the suicide mission to Baku, where Alon was surprised not to return home in a coffin, and the time when he seriously considered burning or shredding the artist's dress.

He had adventures with the rather special Hovi Star all over Europe with a song that they had to pretend to like, we get the explanation to the beef with Douwe Bob, the nasty story of why Russian customs destroyed Hovi's passport, and his drunkenly honest opinion about Sergey Lazarev's birthday cake.

Alon has countless stories about being on various juries around Europe, such as in which country he had to endure 40 rubbish songs in a row and when he fought hard for a song that wouldn't end up in the contest until three year's later. He also tells us about being approached by other countries with suggestions of foul play.

Legend: Alon Amir

Titles in Eurovision: Production assistant, Journalist, Assistant to the executive producer, Executive producer, Head of press, Jury member and Manager

Host: Emil Löfström

Contact: emil@schlagervannerna.se

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