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Briefly | 09 Mar 2023

EV News Daily
EV News Daily
It’s EV News Briefly for Thursday 9th March. I’ll be back as usual at 5pm UK time, that’s Midday Eastern, for the full podcast. Patreon supporters get the episodes as soon as they’re ready AND ad free. You can be like them by clicking here.
The 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV comes with three powertrain options, priced between $79,050 and $90,650, and will be built in Alabama to compete with the BMW iX and Audi E-Tron. It offers features like 10-degree rear-axle steering, fast charging, and adjustable damping, with an optional air suspension.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating 120,000 Tesla Model Y vehicles due to reports of steering wheels falling off while driving. Two incidents have been reported due to missing retaining bolts, and a recall could follow pending the investigation's outcome.
Nissan is recalling some 2023 Nissan Ariya electric SUVs due to the possibility of the steering wheel detaching. The recall covers 1,063 vehicles, and owners are encouraged to check for loose steering wheels and contact a dealership for a replacement.
Volkswagen may prefer to build its first battery cell factory in North America, with potential incentives of up to €10 billion under the US Inflation Reduction Act. The company is awaiting the EU's reaction before deciding to build a plant in Eastern Europe, and other European battery manufacturers may also look to the US for subsidies.
The long-wheelbase version of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric van will debut in June in the US for the 2024 model year. It offers seven seats as standard, a larger battery pack than other versions, and optional dual-motor all-wheel drive. Pricing and range estimates will be available upon its debut.
VinFast's founder established a rental service for electric cars and scooters in Vietnam, offering a fleet of 10,000 electric cars and 100,000 electric scooters, as well as its own all-electric taxi service in Hanoi. The cars will be VinFast vehicles, and the company seeks to promote EVs by offering test drives and other opportunities.
Bafang, an electric bicycle giant, has formed a new brand called T&D to expand its influence into the electric motorcycle industry. It has unveiled its first drivetrains, the FE01 Off-Road Drive System and the LI01 City Commuting Drive System, with up to 60 kW of peak power and 125 Nm of torque, aiming for more affordable electric motorcycles.
Chalmers University researchers have developed an induction technology capable of charging at 500 kW with nearly 100% efficiency, nearing commercialization. It is made possible with high-power semiconductors, such as silicon carbide components, and works with four times higher frequencies than previous wireless charging systems.
House Republicans have introduced legislation to restrict California's ability to ban gas-powered cars, protecting consumer choice and preventing higher costs. The 2035 rule would affect over 40% of total US car purchases, and the legislation aims to prevent California from implementing stricter emissions standards than the federal government.
Lightship, a new company founded by two Tesla veterans, has created an electric-assisted camping trailer called the L1 that can be towed without affecting an EV's range. It has an 80 kWh battery and up to 3 kW of solar power, priced at $125,000, with production starting in late 2024.
New York City is banning the sale of electric bicycles, scooters, and other mobility devices that are not UL-certified, reducing the risk of lithium-ion battery fires. The new law requires devices to be certified to the UL 2849 standard, and while lithium-ion battery fires are rare, they can result in significant property damage and fatalities.
Electric vehicle transmissions have fewer components and a simpler powertrain than those used in standard combustion engine vehicles. There are different types of EV transmissions, including single-speed, multi-speed, and continuously variable options. Bosch and Inmotive have developed advanced transmission technologies that offer significant advantages over single-speed transmissions, such as energy savings and improved range and performance.
Wyclef Jean Launches the ‘Lightest Electric Supercar’ That Can Go 0 to 60 in 2.3 Sec - Haitian rapper and musician, Wyclef Jean, has launched the Attucks Apex APO electric supercar, the lightest-ever electric supercar on the market, with an ultralow weight of 1200 kg, a top speed of 190 mph, and acceleration from 0-60 mph in 2.3 seconds. The APO electric supercar will start at around $350,000 and is set for its official release next year.
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