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everybody has a secret

the love child

everybody has a secret
everybody has a secret
Oh haiiii, everybody!
On today’s show, we heard from someone tasked with keeping her best friend’s huge secret. What happens when you believe the truth needs to come out but you worry it’s not your place to unleash it?
Thank you so much to Supré for making this episode possible. Use the code ‘EHAS15’ for 15% off sitewide on Supre.com.au.
Got a secret you’re itching to spill? Write a letter addressed to ‘Annabelle Lee at Shameless Media’ and mail it to our PO BOX at 4091 Richmond East VIC 3121. Or, email it to hello@shamelessmediaco.com. Everything will be kept anonymous, of course.
Catch us on socials! @everybodyhasasecretpod on Instagram and @everybodyhasasecret on TikTok.
Your hosts today were Annabelle Lee (@annabe11e1ee) and Samantha Andrew (@samanthandrew).
We love ya guts for listening! See you next Friday.
everybody has a secret
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