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everybody has a secret

the sugar daddy

everybody has a secret
everybody has a secret
Hello, everybody!
Today, we hear one of the more serious secrets of the season: What happens when you’re struggling with money so you turn to a sugar daddy website, only to see a profile username that looks awfully familiar?
Thank you so much to Frank Body for making this episode possible. Check out their awesome products this festive season, and score 15% off with the code ‘EHAS’ at the checkout.
Got a secret you’re itching to spill? Write a letter addressed to ‘Annabelle Lee at Shameless Media’ and mail it to our PO BOX at 4091 Richmond East VIC 3121. Or, email it to hotline@shamelessmediaco.com. Everything will be kept anonymous, of course.
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Your hosts today were Annabelle Lee (@annabe11e1ee) and Samantha Andrew (@samanthandrew).
We love ya guts for listening! See you next Friday.
everybody has a secret
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