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Everyone Hates Marketers | No-BS Marketing & Brand Strategy Podcast

How To Come Up With Love-At-First Sight Brand Names (+ The Rookie Mistakes To Avoid)

We're plunging headfirst into the riveting world of brand name mastery with Alexandra Watkins, the ingenious, rule-defying force behind the naming company Eat My Words. She's sharing her high-voltage secrets on avoiding amateur missteps that stink worse than a forgotten lunch box, the unexpected peril of focus groups, and the ultimate, nerve-racking acid test for your brand name.

Topics Covered:

  • (00:00) - How To Create Brand Names That STICK
  • (01:55) - What does Alexandra think of the name "Everyone Hates Marketers?"
  • (02:14) - Are memorable brand names only for "non-boring industries?"
  • (05:32) - The surprising reason why you should never use focus groups for testing names
  • (07:10) - Specific examples of brand names that would have been killed by focus groups
  • (08:34) - People tend to struggle with names that are mispelled
  • (09:26) - Brand names that result in an eye-roll
  • (10:15) - The surprising faux pas that can limit your growth potential and confuse customers
  • (11:23) - Everyone hates... super clever names
  • (13:48) - The least boring name, ever?
  • (14:21) - If you're working at a tech company, avoid this.
  • (15:03) - You're not going to be there to explain your name... So don't be smug about it.
  • (15:42) - Why the brand names Wells Fargo, Kodak, Google, or Etsy would likely fail today
  • (17:37) - The ultimate acid test for your brand name
  • (20:21) - Step 1: How to come up with an emotional brand name
  • (25:47) - Step 2: Find words. Lots of them.
  • (31:27) - The longest lasting brand investment to make
  • (33:28) - How the general public reacted to the "Spoon Me" name
  • (35:18) - How a racy brand name can backfire
  • (37:18) - Step 3: Come up with TONS and TONS of names
  • (40:49) - What Alexandra recommends to learn to stay ahead
  • (42:19) - The top 3 resources shared by Alexandra


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Everyone Hates Marketers | No-BS Marketing & Brand Strategy Podcast
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