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Everything Happens with Kate Bowler

Alexi Pappas: Staying Awake to Our Pain


When she was a child, Alexi Pappas lost her mother to suicide. So when Alexi faced a season of deep depression she knew had to find a different way forward. That’s when her training as an Olympic runner became invaluable. 
In this conversation, Kate and Alexi discuss,

The difference between stress and trauma

The discipline—and joy—of sheer effort

Good pain vs. bad pain and how to stay inside the uncomfortable for a bit longer 

The highs and lows of realizing your dreams

How viewing mental illness as an injury not only destigmatizes depression, but offers tangible next steps toward healing

Too often professional athletes fall into the pure motivational speaker category. But this conversation with Alexi gently threads the needle about what is possible if you stay a little longer in uncomfortable situations when even getting out of bed feels like a win. 
There is so much wisdom we can glean from Alexi’s discipline and willpower.
CW: suicide, depression, mental illness
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