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Everything Happens with Kate Bowler

Cindy McCain: A Special Kind of Brave


What does courage look like in the face of the impossible? Cindy McCain had a front row seat to history, as wife of Arizona Senator and presidential candidate John McCain. In this conversation, Kate and Cindy discuss:

The two-for-one careers that cost both spouses

John McCain the Stand-Up-Comedian (and how humor is the best medicine...but also real medicine is probably better)

What it was like to grieve on a public stage and her best advice for those experiencing loss

Together, we will discover how courage comes in many forms. The big and bold. The small and steady. Those who look pain and fear directly in the eye. Kate ends with a Blessing for the Brave. Perhaps, we can all gain a bit more courage after listening to this one.
CW: glioblastoma, death of a spouse, addiction
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