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Everything Happens with Kate Bowler

Sarah Sentilles: Loving a Stranger


We're often given a story of birds and bees where two people fall in love and out of their love blooms a perfect little creature. But far too often and for far too many, that isn’t the case. 
Writer Sarah Sentilles always knew she wanted to be a mom, so she entered into the foster system with the hope of adopting. But the process was not as simple as she had anticipated. 
In this conversation, Kate and Sarah discuss,

How every child we welcome into our lives are strangers to be discovered

The personal cost of impersonal (and often cruel) bureaucracy 

How we must choose love, even if it costs us everything

Perhaps family is bigger, wider than we've been told. It is a story of belonging and loss and courageous love. And perhaps it involves learning to love a stranger.
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