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Everything Happens with Kate Bowler

Stanley Tucci: Small Pleasures, Simple Joys


Stanley Tucci is a total foodie—of course, he starred in Julie and Julia and brought us the mouth-watering CNN special, Searching for Italy. But when he was diagnosed with oral cancer, his ability to enjoy food might be ruined permanently. 
In this conversation, Kate and Stanley discuss,

How familiar recipes remind us of home—even if we’re far away

Why it’s okay to be picky about what we eat (Especially bread. He has a lot of homicidal opinions about how bread should be eaten.) 

The practical difficulties with eating that often accompanies an illness and treatment

The anger that comes with great loss

And the joy of bringing people together around the table

When life gets small, so often our pleasures dry up. But perhaps it is in that smallness that we might compress our attention, to discover the small joys and simple pleasures that make a life well-lived. 
CW: cancer, death of a spouse 
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