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Expanded Perspectives

Cursed Movies and Movie Sets

Expanded Perspectives
Expanded Perspectives
On this installment of Expanded Perspectives, the guys start the show off talking about the super creepy fog that is enveloping Skelekin Studios at the time of the recording and why the fog is so spooky. Then, a Montana woman describes Sasquatch encounters with friends on the Crow Nation Reservation, her experience with an invisible being, and Irish Fae Folk legends that she heard while growing up. Next, a witness and his family were driving near Stillwater, Oklahoma when he observed a large unknown white bipedal creature in a grassy area along the highway. After the break, Cam brings up some cursed movies and movie sets!

The film industry has consistently delved into narratives revolving around curses, whether it's the ominous videotape triggering death after seven days in "The Ring" or the thematic exploration of grief in "Smile." Curses have become a pervasive motif in cinematic storytelling, arguably instilling a deeper sense of fear than the stereotypical hockey-masked killer; once marked by a curse, escape seems futile, regardless of one's actions. Beyond the curses depicted on the screen lies a captivating realm—cursed productions that unfold behind the scenes. A subset of films is often deemed to have endured a cursed production, marked by on-set accidents, eerie coincidences, or the unfortunate deaths of cast and crew in subsequent months and years. While these cursed productions typically find a home in the horror genre, they can manifest across diverse cinematic landscapes. Some of Hollywood's most iconic films are shrouded in rumors of "cursed" productions, their notoriety stemming from a blend of urban legends and well-documented misfortunes during filming. The curse associated with the making of these movies often garners as much attention as the films themselves. Tragedies involving injuries, fires, lightning, and even death contribute to the perception of a curse hanging over these productions. In any film production, chaos and misfortune are inherent elements, yet it is the most infamous instances of troubled productions that lead audiences to believe in the ominous notion that a movie is truly cursed.

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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