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Expanded Perspectives

Descent Into The Belief Hole

Expanded Perspectives
Expanded Perspectives
On this special edition of the Expanded Perspectives, the guys do a cross-over with friends and fellow podcasters Jeremy, Jon, and Chris from the Belief Hole Podcast! But first, a car service driver has a bizarre encounter near Sheepshead Bay, New York when he and his passenger see a 1957 Chevy Bel Air being driven by a black-eyed couple dressed in 50s-style clothing. Then, a big game hunter and guide in Washington still feel uneasy after their personal Bigfoot encounter while hunting near Mount St. Helens about 25 years ago.

After the break, Kyle and Cam join forces with guys from the Belief Hole Podcast to discuss some wild listener stories. Jeremy, Jon, and Chris are three brothers who have spent a weird amount of time looking into unusual topics since the days of elementary school, (which is now quite a long time ago). These three kindred souls gather together to discuss, debate, and sometimes snicker over the fantastic and mysterious goings-on that exist at the fringes of our reality. We discuss Duendes, Glimmer Man, Sasquatch, Alien Abduction, and more. So join us in our descent into the Belief Hole!

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