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Expanded Perspectives

Geographic Psychic Trauma

Expanded Perspectives
Expanded Perspectives
In this installment of Expanded Perspectives, the guys start the show by talking about the beautiful weather in north central Texas and how Kyle has been spending all of this time moving existing Elite shows from the prior platform to the new Patreon page. Up first, a person who worked for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations (CID) before and during the conflicts in the war in Iraq had a bizarre encounter with something the locals called "The Goul." Then, a listener writes into the show about a strange experience she had with her mother with a cell phone that messaged and called her from her mother's dream. Next, A Wisconsin National Guardsman stationed at Ft.McCoy has a frightening encounter with an unknown tall, skinny being during a night operation. What was it?

After the intermission, Kyle broaches the topic of a peculiar occurrence known as Geographic Psychic Trauma (GPT). This phenomenon refers to the residual energy imprint left on an object or location following a distressing or traumatic incident. It is theorized to manifest when the departure of the soul or spirit from the body happens so abruptly that any associated consciousness becomes disoriented, unable to comprehend the events or its surroundings. What distinguishes GPT hauntings from residual ones is their ability to engage with the living and exhibit a degree of awareness, whereas residual energy hauntings typically lack such responsiveness. It's important to clarify that not all traumatic events lead to GPT or residual hauntings, and hauntings, in general, can stem from various causes. Another term used to describe a spirit experiencing Geographic Psychic Trauma is "Crisis Apparition." Paranormal researchers classify Crisis Apparitions as the spirits of individuals who passed away during moments of crisis, such as murders or other traumatic events.

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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