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Expanded Perspectives

The Rooftop Devil

Expanded Perspectives
Expanded Perspectives
On this episode of Expanded Perspectives, the guys start the show off talking about the pig Kyle recently missed while bowhunting, Cam and Luke's upcoming birthday and some appearances they will be making on some other podcast. Then, a woman shares an account of a potential encounter with the elusive "Glimmer Man" on two separate occasions in New Mexico. What was this pixelated, invisible being doing? Next, a Greensburg, Indiana resident recalls a sighting of a bat-winged humanoid that was in a tree in his backyard. There was no sound and he never saw it fly away.

After the break, Kyle brings up some strange sightings including a possible Jersey Devil encounter. The vast expanse of the New Jersey Pinelands is characterized by extensive pine forests and sandy trails, serving as the backdrop for the state's most notorious inhabitant – the Jersey Devil. Officially recognized as the country's sole state demon since 1938, the Jersey Devil is depicted as a peculiar creature with a kangaroo-like body, a horse's face, a dog's head, bat-like wings, horns, and a distinctive tail. Over the course of more than two and a half centuries, this enigmatic being is said to traverse the marshlands of Southern New Jersey, intermittently emerging to wreak havoc upon towns and cities.

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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