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The Westall Incident

Expanded Perspectives
Expanded Perspectives
In this episode of Expanded Perspectives, we delve into the strange and eerie occurrences that defy rational explanation. Join us as we explore tales that blur the lines between the ordinary and the supernatural, leaving us questioning the nature of reality itself. From encounters with mythical creatures to inexplicable brushes with the unknown. First, we delve into the account of an Eastern European witness who suspects they may have crossed paths with a genuine vampire. Attendees at a late-night gathering grapple with the chilling possibility of encountering a creature straight out of legend. Following that, a woman from New Jersey shares a harrowing tale of encountering an entity resembling the Easter Bunny. What sinister motives lay behind this bizarre apparition? Was it a mere figment of the imagination or something far more sinister? Later, a woman from Alabama recounts a perplexing experience within her home, hinting at a possible encounter with the elusive Fae. Join us as we explore the boundary between folklore and reality, seeking answers to the inexplicable mysteries that haunt our world.

After the break, Cam brings up the strange UFO case in Australia. The Westall Flying Saucer incident represents one of the best, perhaps the best, of the category of UFO sightings described as daylight, mass-witness, school-based sightings, and landings. And it all happened in Westall, in what was then the City of Oakleigh, which is now the City of Kingston.

The Westall Flying Saucer incident, occurring on April 6, 1966, in what is now the City of Kingston, Melbourne, remains one of the most notable UFO sightings. During a Physical Education class, students and teachers observed a silver/white metallic object resembling an upside-down bowl flying low over the school's playing field. It caused panic among the students. Another group of students witnessed one or possibly two similar objects in the sky. Despite the presence of five small planes that attempted to approach the craft, it exhibited remarkable agility, flitting away whenever they neared. Eventually, the saucer disappeared behind a copse of pine trees. Roughly 300 students congregated on the field, with some venturing towards the site where the saucer seemed to have landed. Witnesses include former students, teachers, and locals, but the full story remains mysterious, awaiting further disclosure from those involved.

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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