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EXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™

Ep. 278 - Releasing Fear and Stepping Into Your Worth: The Process with Tess Palma-Martinez

This week we are sharing a pretty epic story from one of our members, Tess! Tess Palma-Martinez is a sound healer and podcaster who is here to share how she used TBM methods towards creating boundaries, building self-knowledge, and establishing a foundation of trust in the universe to start making gutsy leaps of faith. One of the major lessons in this episode is that when it comes to manifesting a partner, sometimes it feels like it can’t happen fast enough. But sometimes relationships are tests and even expanders – ultimately it’s about doing the work to know yourself so that you can know how to navigate bumpy roads and even let go if you need to. Tess is a shining example of what it means to connect to your authentic self and to truly align yourself with what is meant for you. Come along on an epic journey where manifestation meets the science of frequencies, and where fear gets a divine makeover. Join us as we crack open The TBM secrets, revealing the keys to unleashing your true self!

Trigger warning: Mention of sexual abuse at 00:21:30 -00:26:15

*Please note that Tess does not offer voice frequency testing

Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • The science of missing frequencies and vocal tones
  • Holding the divine energy to find balance amid fear, abandonment, and isolation
  • How the TBM work can complement traditional talk therapy and vice versa
  • How to move through fear to become your most authentic self
  • Parts of the TBM work and DIs that helped Tess navigate her healing journey
  • How work around boundaries and self-trust helped Tess pass tests and make an aligned leap of faith
  • How manifestations may eventually become a test
  • Why making space for yourself can help you do the work that leads to manifestation
  • Manifesting career and relationships in tandem–and why not everything comes through at once
  • Recognizing patterns, attachment styles, anxiety, and red flags in relationships
  • Tuning into your own frequencies to be able to hear your internal alarm systems
  • Connecting to your highest self, maintaining energetic threads you may be holding onto


  • Major manifestations and the aligned actions that brought then forth (00:16:28)
  • How relationship manifestations may end up being tests or even expanders (00:56:10)
  • Acting in grace and “energetic maintenance” (01:09:00)


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