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EXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™

Ep. 287 - You Can’t Rush Your Manifestations: The Energetics of Desperation

It’s still early in the year, but for some reason around this time, people often find themselves carrying a sense of desperation and feeling behind. If this is you, one thing is certain – you’re not alone. This week, Lacy and Jessica take a deep look at the dance with desperation energetics. From overcoming half-hearted attempts at doing the work, to staying centered in the face of doubt and denial, this episode is your roadmap to reconnecting with your truest self and remembering where your path is. Learn how to let your subconscious unlock authentic desires and shed the baggage of perfectionism, regret, and that dogpaddling energy that isn’t taking you where you want to be. This episode is the perfect reset, and a much-needed reminder to keep building that trust muscle and following your intuition. You’re not behind, and it’s not too late. In fact, your manifestations are otw.

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In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Embracing “cocoon season” and the rhythm of the winter season
  • Understanding the energetic of desperation and why it can bubble up
  • How toe-dipping and denial may be blocking you from your authentic desires
  • How to stay centered when doubt creeps in
  • Why being honest with yourself is always the first step towards moving through the desperation energetic
  • Manifestation blind spots and the three archetypes that block manifestations
  • How to build trust with your true self rather than seeking external validation
  • Why internal clarity on our goals and desires is so critical to finding your authenticity
  • Nurturing your inner child when triggers and trauma responses come up
  • Understanding self-protection mechanisms and getting curious about your own nervous system responses
  • How to let your subconscious help unlock authentic desires
  • Letting go of perfectionism, regret, and dogpaddling energy
  • How you can begin to build up that trust muscle with your own intuition


  • Desperation defined and understanding this energetic (00:11:00)
  • How to process and move beyond fear and desperation (00:25:40)
  • Questions from the community! (00:52:00)


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