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EXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™

Ep. 289 - How To Manifest Money

Get ready to hear Lacy and Jessica dive deep into one of the most popular TBM topics – how to manifest money. Despite whatever shame, pain, or programming you picked up around money, you can expand and unblock to manifest it. But that doesn’t mean it’s something that happens automatically. This episode breaks down money blocks, shadows, and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from authenticity and alignment in terms of your financial manifestations. Lacy and Jessica share some of their own blocks and evolving perspectives on abundance, and highlight the importance of finding expansion and aligning with your true self to attract financial freedom. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to transform their financial reality and live a life of genuine abundance.

Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • The misconception of manifesting money through positive thinking alone.
  • Understanding the role of the subconscious in financial manifestation.
  • The impact of childhood experiences and societal influences on money beliefs.
  • The significance of aligning actions with your authentic self to manifest wealth.
  • Unblocking and expanding: key strategies for overcoming financial barriers.
  • The connection between self-worth, authenticity, and financial abundance.
  • Practical tips for creating a mindset of abundance and deservingness.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with financial expanders.
  • How to use neuroplasticity and energetics in manifesting financial success.
  • The relationship between money and other areas of manifestation, such as love.
  • Lacy and Jessica's personal journeys to financial well-being.
  • The transformative power of deep subconscious work in manifesting money.
  • A discussion on cultural, systemic, and religious influences on financial beliefs.
  • Steps to take towards achieving financial freedom and living a comfortable lifestyle.


  • The foundational principles of manifesting money, emphasizing authenticity and the subconscious's role. (7:35)
  • Lacy and Jessica’s insights on identifying and unblocking limiting beliefs about money. (28:35)
  • Question on unblocking and manifesting money from the community! (47:10)


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