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EXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™

Ep. 291 - How to Manifest a Dream Career - The Process with Jessica Gill

Big dreamers, bridge-leapers, and people who are building up their FU fund–this one's for you. Today we are diving into a profoundly inspiring episode of Expanded as the one and only Jessica Gill shares an intimate look at her personal journey in manifesting her dream career. From her roots in the rural suburbs of New Jersey, to her high-powered position in TV and film, to becoming the driving force behind To Be Magnetic's podcast and content, Jessica unfolds her story with pure transparency, embracing shadow and her own past self. She brings us through the early sparks of her passion for storytelling and media, to confronting the challenges of career change, and the relentless pursuit of aligning personal values with professional aspirations. This episode is rich with Jessica's candid reflections on her upbringing, critical life lessons from her parents, and the defining moments that shaped her path. More than just a narrative, Jessica delves into tangible career advice, passing tests, manifestation tools that moved the needle, and the power of intuition and self-validation. Join us for an episode that provides actionable insights for anyone standing at the crossroads of their career, ready to take the leap towards their dreams.

Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • The initial desire for a career shift and the steps towards manifesting a dream job.
  • The role of TBM in Jessica's personal and career transformation.
  • The importance of aligning career aspirations with personal passion and intuition.
  • Challenges faced in the film and television industry and the decision to pivot.
  • Strategies for unblocking and expanding to welcome new career opportunities.
  • The significance of building a "bridge job" and how it differs from a dream job.
  • The process of saving an "FU fund" to facilitate career transition.
  • The impact of parental influence on career choices and manifestation efforts.
  • Utilizing the TBM tools and DI (Deep Imaginings) for career manifestation.
  • The journey from applying for an executive assistant role to becoming Chief Content Officer.
  • Tips for dealing with rejection and silence in the job application process.
  • Leveraging past experiences and skill sets for new career paths.
  • The magic dark period and recognizing when the timing is right for a career change.
  • Maintaining self-worth and purpose during periods of career uncertainty.
  • The ongoing journey of growth and redefining success within a dream career.


  • Jessica’s beginnings and following her initial dream of working in entertainment (00:05:45)
  • The journey from career uncertainty to clarity and purpose (00:44:10)
  • Achieving and evolving within the dream job (01:00:10)


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