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by Dani Venn
Falling for You

Phoebe Blamey | Mastering Your Money Mindset & Taking Action


The beliefs we have about money make a massive impact on our everyday life – and often it’s the negative ones that are holding us back from living the life that we truly want to live or their impacting our relationships with those closest around us. I love this chat with Phoebe Blamey, author of The Happy Money Journey, as we discuss the importance of changing your attitudes and beliefs about money to shift your mindset and improve your ability to make more. 

But mastering your money mindset and attitude towards money is just one piece of the puzzle, you have to back it up with action! In our chat we talk about the importance of uplevelling your knowledge when it comes to money and investing, taking small steps to make a big difference in the long run and how you can make your relationship with money a positive one so that you are not always feeling like you just can’t afford it! Money is something that should be talked about more and having a healthy, happy and positive relationship with it can make your life better. 

Key Takeaways:
How to start from the bottom up, being a single parent, a uni drop out, but with a strong work ethic and positive mindset 
How to cultivate a positive relationship with money 
Affirmations need to be backed up by action 
Starting a new business - and failing - and starting again!
The importance about educating yourself when discussing money and learning about micro-investing 
How to start saving in small steps 

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Resources discussed in this episode (none of these resources are sponsored):

The Happy Money Journey - How To Make Good Money Decisions and Live Life On Your Terms, written by Phoebe Blamey 

The Barefoot Investor written by Scott Pape 

You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero 

The Science of Getting Rich, Walter D. Wattles 

RAIZ App Microinvesting 

Australian Government Smart Money Website 

Australian Stock Exchange Investment Free Short Courses 

The Advice Trap written by Michael Stainer 




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Episode 5

Season 1

by Dani Venn