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Farm4Profit Podcast

Digital Agriculture: Sowing the Seeds of Online Income

Farm4Profit Podcast
Farm4Profit Podcast

“The Field Advantage of Captive Financing”. General topic summary – Although banks can finance beyond what most captive lenders can, there is also a lot of red tape. Captive financing provides numerous benefits to agriculture customers including competitive interest rates, innovativeness – both tech and financing products, responsive/localized service, alternative funding options, and fast service.

  • How captive financing is different from what a bank does
  • Captive financing benefits to farmers
  • Disadvantages

Jordan’s Bio: Jordan Howe is a senior territory sales manager for Nutrien Financial. He provides financing expertise to growers across the Midwest to increase their buying power and maximize every opportunity for success. Learn more at NutrienFinancial.com.

How developing an online brand can generate income….

  • Where are they from, what do they farm, how did they get into farming
  • How’s the family - do they farm with family?
  • Tara Vander Dussen
  • Natalie Kovarik
  • Motto: “Agriculture you can relate to”
  • What platforms are you on?
  • Which platform did you see success on first?
  • Do you think there is one platform better than another?
  • What are ways individuals or companies can “make money” through social media?
  • What was an unexpected revenue generating source through your online brand?
  • Do you consider in-kind or product sharing revenue? Or is it just cost reduction?
  • Where could farmers/producers get started on social media?
  • What could/should they share?
  • Do you start with posting or should you start with a plan?
  • What does a social media plan look like?
  • What are people interested in?
  • Do you recommend a structure to their online presence?
  • Growing your Brand
  • Where did you start with Discover Ag?
  • What was the biggest contributor to the brand’s growth?
  • What has sustained the audience since it grew?
  • Did you have specials/events that brought people in?
  • What do you recommend to others to draw people in?
  • Does age of target audience matter?
  • Older Audiences
  • How do you get them engaged?
  • How does our listener develop a target audience?
  • What should people expect within the first couple of months of starting a platform?
  • For small business - how to acquire leads in a low cost way?
  • Ex. giving 10% discount to everyone that gives you a follow on instagram
  • Is it easier as a business to build a social media presence or harder?
  • Social Media Facts
  • Less than 2% of the population is directly involved with agriculture
  • 60% of the global population are social media users
  • People use an average of 6.6 different social networks each month
  • Average time spent on social media daily is 2 hours and 24 minutes
  • Tiktok is the most popular platform in terms of time spent
  • 26.8% of users discover brands, products, services via ads on social media
  • 81% of organizations use social media to increase brand awareness
  • 42.62% of organizations plan to increase their social media budget in 2024
  • 72.8% of internet users use social media for brand research
  • What is Elevate Ag
  • What did we miss?
  • Summary and Challenge
  • What do you like most about farming and ranching or what do you like most about farmers and ranchers?
Farm4Profit Podcast
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