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Farm4Profit Podcast

Farm4Fun w/ FarmerDan97

Farm4Profit Podcast
Farm4Profit Podcast

Airing 2/23/23

  • Around the Room – why do you need a Farm4Fun conversation today?
  • As hosts what are you most looking forward to with this guest today?
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  • Listening as I type this, GREAT podcast! I listen to them as soon as they’re posted!

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  • Booker Texas – Multi-Generational Farmer
  • What crops do they grow? Any Livestock irrigated?
  • What’s it like having failed crops
  • New Dad? – Grady 8/31/22 Newly Married? -Elise
  • What’s the hardest part of being a parent?
  • 6’8’’ tall….really?
  • Christian….why lead with that in your bios?
  • What is his beef with Iowa? – is Texas really that great?
  • What does Iowa do better than Texas…..vice-versa
  • Why do the social media?
  • Starting all over ……What would she do differently
  • Any cool experiences? Cool people?
  • Advice for others?
  • What’s the favorite platform?
  • What do you like about social?
  • What doest he like?
  • Sweep Plows…..really work?
  • Podcast listener…which are his favorites?
  • Favorite tv shows
  • Favorite job on the farm – least favorite
  • What is the best thing about being alive today?
  • If you could live in any other time when would that be?
  • Has anything ever made you cry because you understood its meaning more than others do?
  • What makes you happy? & Angry?
  • What is one of the most memorable conversations you have ever had?
  • What was a restaurant you think was nice/fancy as a kid that as an adult you realize wasn’t that nice?
  • Would you rather:
  • Would you rather be able to speak any language fluently or speak with animals?
  • Would you rather drink a warm beer or a cold coffee?
  • Would you rather be criticized or ignored?
  • Would you rather never sleep on a bed again or never be able to shower (baths only)?
  • Would you rather confess to cheating on your partner or catch your partner cheating on you?
  • What does Success look like to you?
Farm4Profit Podcast
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