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Farm4Fun w/ Quick Dick McDick

Farm4Profit Podcast
Farm4Profit Podcast
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Quick Dick McDick – Dickson Delorme

@QuickDickMcDick. 67k tiktok --22.1k Instagram – 108k YouTube Subs – 45.2k Twitter

  • Farmer, Comedian, YouTuber from Foam Lake, Saskatchewan
  • Got his first farming job at 13 for a neighbor
  • Worked in the oilfield
  • Trucking for 16 years
  • Motorcycle trip across Canada that turned into the US with stops in Boston, Vegas, California and the Youkon
  • What spurred this trip?
  • What did he learn from it?
  • 27,500 kilometers
  • What’s he doing now for work?
  • I think he’s a farm laborer
  • Why do the social media?
  • Promote Mental Health in Agriculture
  • Farm Safety
  • Politics
  • How are things politically in Canada?
  • What would he do differently
  • Any cool experiences? Cool people?
  • Advice for others?
  • Who is Big Mustache Al?
  • Merchandise
  • Sales donated to mental health projects
  • What’s next?
  • Tour or speaking dates?
  • Collaborations?
  • How’s it going to end?
  • What is the best thing about being alive today?
  • If you could live in any other time when would that be?
  • Has anything ever made you cry because you understood its meaning more than others do?
  • What is one of the most memorable conversations you have ever had?
  • Would you Rather
  • Would you rather be an expert at only 1 thing or average at a lot of things?
  • Would you rather time-travel 10 years into the future or 100 year into the past?
  • Would you rather find your soulmate or your life purpose?
  • Would you rather be too trusting of everyone or trust no one?
  • Would you rather be criticized or ignored?
  • What does Success look like to you?
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