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Farm4Profit Podcast

Farm4Fun w/ WITitan2 - Ryan Kelly

Farm4Profit Podcast
Farm4Profit Podcast

@WITitan2 Ryan Kelly tiktok 32.4k.

  • Catch up
  • Where is he from, what does he farm, how did he get into farming
  • Not a typical 1st generation farmer
  • Tile installer too
  • How’s the family – does he farm with family?
  • What is he up to today?
  • Changing anything going into the 2023 crop year?
  • His fascination with “older equipment”
  • Appears to be mechanically inclined
  • What’s his problem with Allis?
  • How has social media changed his life?
  • Why do it?
  • How would he start it over differently?
  • Which is his favorite platform?
  • If you could stop any crime permanently forever, but the way to do it was you had to commit that crime….what crime would you stop?
  • What are the worst and best parts of being an adult?
  • Do you believe in any superstitions? If yes, which ones?
  • What are three qualities that you look for in friends?
  • If you were an animal, what do you think you would be?
  • Right now, who inspires you?

Would you Rather

  • Would you rather be the funniest or smartest person in a room?
  • Would you rather be too trusting of everyone or trust no one?
  • Would you rather be over-criticized or ignored?
  • Would you rather eat steak or lobster?
  • Would you rather have a beer or a cocktail?

Ag Current Events

  • Russia/Ukraine War
  • New Congress working on Farm Bill
  • Carbon pipelines
  • Extending border asylum
  • H2A Worker Reform
  • .
  • .

What does success look like to him?

Farm4Profit Podcast
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