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Farm Progress Show 2023

Mike Newland

  • Mike Newland and I’m the director of agriculture business development for the Propane Education & Research Council, or PERC as you might know us.
  • PERC is an organization that is funded by the propane industry to provide training and education on the safe use of propane in a variety of markets, including agriculture. We also work with partners to develop new propane technologies and initiatives. One of those partnerships is with Sukup Manufacturing.

Explore Mike’s career and hobbies….

  • What is Propane?
  • How is Propane formed?
  • What is propane made of?
  • Why is it called LP?
  • What’s the difference between propane and natural gas?
  • How long has propane been around?
  • How long will it be around – will we run out?
  • Where does propane come into play for agriculture?
  • Reliability: Not only does your equipment have to be reliable, but the energy used to power it must be too. There are many reasons our customers choose propane to power their equipment but the reliability of the energy source itself is certainly a key reason too.
  • Environmental Benefits: There is a lot of talk about clean energy and “electrifying everything” to curb emissions. While we at PERC are all about propane, we know that it will take a variety of energy sources working together to achieve sustainability and decarbonization goals.
  • Versatility: So many uses for propane, but Let’s talk about some of those lesser-known applications or the other ways propane can be used.
  • Agriculture(organic), Transportation, Home Use, others?
  • Cost savings: (True Farm4Profit Value) Producers face very high costs for all farm inputs including energy.
  • How has LP varied in cost compared to alternative energy sources?
  • What are ways listeners can save by using propane?
  • The Grain Drying Calculator allows users to simply input their average expected yield to determine the propane gallons needed to dry their crops by a specific moisture percentage. By planning and filling tanks before the hustle of harvest and winter seasons, you can make sure you have the energy you need—when you need it. And even save more in the process with those early tank fill programs
  • Address any potential concerns or misconceptions related to propane use in farming
  • Are there safety measures and regulations associated with using propane in agricultural settings?
  • Do you have any insights into how farmers and agribusinesses can make informed decisions about integrating propane into their operations.
  • Talk about the potential for innovation and advancements in propane-related technologies for agriculture.
  • Discuss ongoing research, development, and partnerships that PERC is involved in to further promote sustainable propane use.
  • What about for PERC—what’s big in 2024?
  • Soil Steaming, Power Generation, Irrigation
  • What is the role of education and outreach in raising awareness about the benefits of propane in agriculture?
  • What did we miss – anything extra to cover?
  • Summary
  • Challenge

What do you like most about farming or what do y

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