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Farm4Profit Podcast

Gaining Traction in Your Record Keeping

Farm4Profit Podcast
Farm4Profit Podcast

Farm Accounting Software Management – Income/Expense Management Tools

  • Ian Harley
  • Aside from being a farmer himself, Harley has more than 25 years of experience in sales and management of AgTech companies, delivering accounting, operations and agronomy software. Prior to co-founding Traction Ag, Ian held roles at Granular, Trimble and Farm Works Software
  • Who is Traction Ag?
  • History, Mission, Vision
  • the first cloud-based farm management software delivering financial solutions to growers across the Midwest.
  • Why is it valuable for our listeners to know their true cost of production?
  • What is the biggest struggle for farmers right now to have an accurate picture of what their breakeven is?
  • What are some key ways to be able to look at the breakeven?
  • Per bushel or per acre
  • By field or farm
  • Equipment efficiency or labor efficiency
  • What needs to be tracked?
  • Inputs, costs, bills, yields, sales, etc….
  • Why do most farmers struggle with record keeping?
  • Why is it not fun to do?
  • How do we motivate them to do a better job?
  • What are some ways Traction Ag is helping make this process more efficient?
  • Unified dashboard, electronic payroll, cloud based, shared access
  • Being cloud based, is Traction Ag mobile?
  • We have data integration throughout the farm, how is this different?
  • When a farmer knows what their breakeven is what does it give them more power to do?
  • Decision making
  • Quick answers without guessing
  • More data to analyze – accuracy
  • Negotiation power with good data
  • How does working with a product like Traction Ag help with a banker or financing relationship?
  • Accountant?
  • How does pricing work?
  • How can people locate your product and sign up?
  • What did we miss?
  • What does success look like to you?
  • Summary
  • Challenge
  • What are some signs that our farmer/listeners have outgrown their current accounting software?
Farm4Profit Podcast
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