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Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Brett Favre Talks Aaron Rodgers, Donald Trump & Biggest Career Regrets

What about Brett Favre? Today, we found out. Super Bowl champion and Pro Football Hall of Famer Brett Favre joins “Fearless.” The three-time NFL MVP shares his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers joining the Jets, talks about his support for Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson, and opens up about “Bountygate.” Along the way, Brett shares some great stories about his playing career and the two losses that haunt him to this day. Plus, Jason switches up the narrative on Favre’s monstrous game against the Raiders during Monday Night Football following the death of his father. Will Brett agree with Jason’s take? “Fearless” contributors T.J. Moe and Steve Kim join the show to recap the Favre conversation.

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Fearless with Jason Whitlock
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