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Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Ep 441 | Jordan Neely’s Death, John Kennedy’s Emancipation Proclamation & America’s Reprobate Mind

What does legislation passed by President John Kennedy just 22 days before his assassination have to do with the death of Jordan Neely in 2023? A lot, according to Jason. Kennedy’s Community Mental Health Act led to the deinstitutionalization of people suffering from mental illness, moving them from insane asylums into “community-based" care. It also helped to usher in the age of Big Pharma’s stranglehold on the treatment of Americans suffering from various psychopathies. Today, rather than committing those suffering from mental delusion to asylums, we medicate them, embrace their psychoses, and set them free to move about society. “Ignoring the crazy, belligerent, threatening, and occasionally violent homeless man on the street or subway doesn’t improve society or promote safety. Indifference is as lethal as hate. We’ve grown indifferent to the insanity we’ve normalized. We’ve adopted a reprobate mind.” Mental health advocate and “Fearless” contributor Royce White helps Jason explore America’s real crisis and the role that pharmaceutical and media companies play in perpetuating this downward spiral. Plus, Steve Kim joins the show to discuss the plight of former San Diego State and Buffalo Bills punter Matt Araiza. The talented athlete saw his NFL dream derailed after a 17-year-old accused him of being part of a gang rape while in college. Prosecutors have cleared Araiza of any wrongdoing and have proved that the minor lied about the entire incident. Jason and Steve discuss the situation and how it affects men in the current #MeToo environment.
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Fearless with Jason Whitlock
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