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Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Memphis Star Ja Morant Channels Tupac Shakur, Suspended for Flashing Gun — Again

“We’ve seen the Ja Morant movie before.” The Memphis Grizzlies star was caught flashing a gun on social media — again. Morant was suspended earlier this year after a video emerged of the NBA’s top young star brandishing a gun in a Colorado strip club. This weekend, Morant was caught showing off a pistol in an Instagram livestream while riding in a car with a friend. Despite Memphis’ season being over, the team suspended the guard indefinitely. Jason argues that Morant, like Allen Iverson before him, wants to be the Tupac Shakur of the NBA. We all know how the Tupac story ended; what we’ve seen from Morant doesn’t inspire optimism. “What we know of Morant’s use of a firearm only puts himself and the people around him in danger. He’s going to get someone killed. The movies all end the same.” Jason is joined by “Fearless” contributors T.J. Moe and former NBA first-rounder Royce White to discuss the ongoing saga of Ja Morant. Plus, Steve Kim dives into the Morant conversation as well as the top sports headlines, including Doc Rivers returning to Philly, Williams out in Phoenix, and whether we have seen the last of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors' dynasty.

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Fearless with Jason Whitlock
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