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Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Supermodel Cam Newton Embraces Feminized Culture, Sabotages His NFL Career | Ep 440

Cam Newton believes his hairstyle is holding him back from being employed in the National Football League. In a recent interview on Josina Anderson’s podcast, the former NFL MVP said that he’s heard whispers that his hairstyle was “scaring people” and they wanted him to go back to the 2015 Cam — the clean-cut version. Newton, of course, took this as an affront to his “culture.” Jason interpreted those words completely differently. “The 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton and the 2010 national champion Cam Newton — the clean-cut Cams — were resilient warriors who fought through adversity and criticism. They were 'Super Cam.' Unfortunately, Newton pivoted to 'Supermodel Cam.' He succumbed to the matriarchal culture promoted across social media.” Jason believes Newton’s obsession with fashion isn’t appealing to NFL teams. “Nobody wants a transgender quarterback. Josina Anderson won’t tell Cam that. Only a man will tell Cam the truth. Real men are in short supply.” Shemeka Michelle joins Jason to add a female perspective on the feminization of men. Plus, Shemeka weighs in on Tiger Woods' latest drama and answers Jason’s question: Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk? The “Korean Cosell,” Steve Kim, joins “Fearless” to hit the sports headlines, including Cam Newton’s conversation with CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson, Tiger’s ex’s allegations of sexual harassment, Nikola Jokić’s incident with the Suns’ owner, and how Angel Reese has parlayed her taunting of Caitlin Clark into a spot in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. And finally, NBA expert Jordan Bowles discusses James Harden’s Game 4 performance against Boston and whether it can salvage the series for the 76ers.
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Fearless with Jason Whitlock
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