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Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Target’s Pride Month Marketing Misses Mark, Triggers Bud Light-Style Backlash | Ep 454

Two of America’s biggest corporations are being sent a message from their customer base: Stop with the LGBTQ agenda. Bud Light continues to feel the fallout from the Dylan Mulvaney disaster. Now, one of the nation’s largest retailers has stepped in it. Target’s trans "tuck-friendly" swimsuit designed for children and a line of satanic Pride T-shirts were a bridge too far for customers. Jason believes this is the opening salvo from conservatives in the culture war. Conservative media personality Robby Starbuck joins “Fearless” to discuss Target’s billion-dollar mistake, the L.A. Dodgers inviting anti-Christian drag queens to celebrate Pride Night, and Ron DeSantis making his presidential bid official on Twitter with Elon Musk. Pastor John Amanchukwu joins the show to discuss professional sports leagues joining the Alphabet Mafia’s crusade and why this Pride Month may be different. Plus, Steve Kim joins Jason to explore the growing beef between former NBA #1 pick Kwame Brown and LeBron James.
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Fearless with Jason Whitlock
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