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Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Tucker Carlson Takes Show to Twitter, Sacrifices Reputation In Fight for Free Speech

“It’s time for real men to return to their nature and prove their manhood. Tucker Carlson just did.” Carlson announced he will be relaunching his show via Twitter in the near future. In a three-minute video posted to Twitter, Carlson said he plans to broadcast his show on Twitter because it’s the lone consequential platform that allows free speech. Prior to Elon Musk taking the reins of the social media giant, no one would have thought of Twitter as a beacon of free speech, but here we are. Jason believes that in hyper-feminized American culture, we need more men like Tucker to resume their God-given callings. In Tennessee Harmony, Anthony Walker and Virgil Walker join the show to discuss the topic of free speech and truth as it relates to the Bible. Plus, Anthony shares his thoughts on and review of the movie “Big George Foreman.”
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Fearless with Jason Whitlock
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